FOAM BACKED GREEN SCREEN Electric Roller Fleetwood Studios

Sharing some photos and comments from some clever folks in the UK who made their own electric roller system to roll the foam-backed green screen up and down when needed in their Television Studio.

Sorry to spend an age to come back to you

I just wanted to say that its all installed in the studio – Its in a roller about 5m wide that comes down into the floor from the overhead grid and the entire thing rolls down to the infinity cove and then covers most of the floor. – Its been used quite a few times and its perfect. Im so pleased we found you – I will send a picture or a video of it actually coming down from the studio roof when I get a chance

All the crews that use the studio cannot believe how useful it is, they actually have never seen it before – We have been able to go from white to green instantly – Something we could not have done before and that’s happened a few times recently when people book white and suddenly need to key some things out.

So seriously use Fleetwood TV here in the UK as a reference if you like – The product is superb – It also keys out so easily.

Fleetwood Studios

 Fleetwod Studios using green foam

Green Screen at Fleetwod Studios using green foam


chroma-key green screen foam

Fleetwood Studios Foam Green screen in the UK

Roller Foam Green Screen UK

Roller for Foam Green Screen UK

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