Frequent asked questions about Chroma Key Green Foam-backed screens

Best Green Screen Fabric

Best Green Screen Fabric

How does foam-backed fabric compare to other fabrics?

Our fabric is preferred by artists because of many reasons. First of all, it is composed of a three layer laminate design. The layers include a foam core center, nylon mesh backing, and chroma key diffusion face. The nylon backing makes it almost impossible to tear. The foam core gives it the ability to stretch and also bounce back from wrinkles. The face layer is very strong and is composted of a series of tiny loops that diffuse light for a more evenly exposed backdrop. There is no other fabric like it. Although it may cost more to manufacture compared the other single layer woven fabrics, our prices are extremely competitive for quality foam-backed fabric. . Foam-Backed Fabric is superior because of its versatility, durability, ease to evenly light, thickness, color fastness, diffuseness, and strength.

How do I clean the backdrops?

Yes, you can wash our backgrounds in the washing machine and hang or tumble dry. For larger backdrops (too big for a washing machine), put a little soap on a cotton rag (mild soap or laundry detergent) then run the rag under water to dilute the soap (if the soap is not diluted, it may be hard to rinse completely). Use the rag to spot clean the fabric. If the spots are bad, you can also use stain remover or spray it down with a water hose. After your done, hang out to dry or use a hair blow-dryer for spot drying. The important thing is to clean away any excess soap and let it dry completely before using. If the backdrop is not dry, dirt might attract to the wet spots. Don’t be scared to use soap if necessary but don’t use any chemicals that will harm synthetics (IE: 409, bleach, Tilex, etc).

Can I walk on the green screen?

This fabric is very durable and will not rip or tear when walking on it. The Chroma key fabric is made of very strong nylon/polyester that is very difficult to rip. To give you an idea of how strong it is, we’ve attached 40lbs of lead weight to a 1/2inch wide strip without it ripping. It is also very difficult to cut. You would need sharp scissors or a matte knife to cut it. All we recommend is when walking on it is to clean any loose mud or dirt off your shoes.

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